From the original documents of the The Lubbock Cotton Exchange founded in 1947: 

"The purpose for which it is formed is to maintain a cotton exchange with powers to provide and maintain suitable rooms for the conduct of their business, and to establish and maintain unformity in commercial usages in cities and towns; to acquire, preserve, and disseminate valuable business information; to adopt rules, regulations, and standards of classification which shall govern all transactions connected with the cotton trade and with other commodities where standards and classifications are required; and generally to promote the interest of trade and increase the facilities of commercial transactions."


Although times have certainly changed since these documents were incorporated; the Cotton Exchange serves as a reminder of our cotton heritage.  We have members from across the United States who serve both domestic and foreign markets. Our members participate in the production, buying, selling, financing, trading, and shipping cotton worldwide.  Technological advances and the global scope of business have altered our ways of trading, mostly for the better.  But we still adhere to many of the original intentions such as disseminating valuable business information, establishing uniform trading rules, and promoting the general interest of cotton trade.


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2023-24 Directors​

  • Alan Vinson
  • Darren Newton
  • John Aldinger
  • Tammi Chock


Lubbock Cotton Exchange Leadership


The Executive Board is made up of the President, Vice-President, Immediate-Past President and the Secretary Treasurer.  We are committed to serving the members of the Exchange with integrity and leadership.   

Our Mission


Blake Lorenz-Allenberg Cotton
​Blake is a cotton trader of Louis Dreyfus Company origination cotton in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  He joined LDC in 2017 to manage it's operation in Lubbock, YX and has worked in the cotton industry for 12 years.  Blake and his family moved from Houston to Lubbock, TX in 2018


1515  Texas Ave, STE. 208, Lubbock TX 79401 USA

Established 1947


Ursula Caswell - LCE


Ursula has served as Secretary of the Exchange since 2012. 


Bryce Mikeska

​​Bryce Mikeska is a merchandiser for ADM in Lubbock. He joined ADM in 2022 trading cotton, cottonseed, and feed products. Bryce and his family have resided in Idalou, TX for the past 2 years.

Past President

Ellen Batchelder-Cargill Cotton Co

​Ellen Batchelder is a senior merchant for Cargill, originating cotton in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  She has worked for Cargill for over 11 years, trading corn, grain sorghum, wheat, soybeans, and cotton.  Ellen resides in Palacios, TX, where she grew up on her family’s cotton farm.