Established 1947


1320 Texas Ave, 1st Floor Lubbock TX 79401 USA


Brady Raindl - ECOM USA, Inc.  

Cade Underwood - Underwood Cotton Co.

Carlos Garcia - PCCA

Grady Martin - PCCA

Josh Underwood - Underwood Cotton Co.

Mike Canale - PCCA

Ray Haggard - Underwood Cotton Co.



Alan Underwood - Underwood Cotton 

Alan Vinson - ECOM USA, Inc.

Angie Goodman - Cropmark Direct LLC

Beau Stephenson- OMNICOTTON, Inc.

Darren Newton - Glencore

David Mullins - Autauga Quality Cotton

David Stanford - Stanford Cotton Marketing

Emory Cassell - Cassell Cotton Co.

Gary Chestnutt - Chesnutt Cotton Company

Gerald Lowery - Lowery Cotton Co Inc.

Harvey Case - C & M Cotton Co.

Jerry Harris - LAM-COT

John Aldinger- OLAM Cotton

Joshua Burris - COFCO International

Lonnie Winters - PCCA

Louise Hicks - Consolidated Cotton Co.

Manfred Schiefer - M. Schiefer Trading Company

Mike Patranella - Cargill Cotton Co.

Pam Reed - Allenberg Cotton Co.

Peter J. Wierzba - COMEX

Ray Ragsdale - MemTex Cotton Marketing Corporation, LLC

Rick Stone - OLAM Cotton Co

Robert Joseph - Greenbelt Cotton Company

Robert Luehrs - Allenberg Cotton Co.

Ross Barber - RJB Trading

Sandy May Green - High Plains Cotton, Inc.

Sam Clay - Toyo Cotton Co.

Shawn Canale - S. Canale Cotton Co.

Stormy Starks - Caney Valley Cotton Co.

Tom Smith - W.D. Felder & Company



Barnes Kingsbury - Rosenthal Collins Group

Brad Elam - Gulf Winds International

Brett Nichols -Seminole Service Gin

Brett Underwood - The Trinity Company

Bryant Rawlay - Wakefield Inspection Services, Inc

Clint Cryer - Plains Capital Bank

Dan Weinman - Mediterranean Shipping Co

David Foster - D&J Gin, Inc

Don Lake - Dunavant Logistics, LLC

Greg Taylor - D. Williams & Co., P.C.

Greg Wakefield - Wakefield Inspection Services, Inc

J.L. Butler - J.L. Butler Forwarding, Inc.

Jason Fullen - Fullen Transportation Services, Inc.

Jerry Butman - Lubbock Cotton Growers

Jerry Reynolds - Tokio Coop Gin

Jim Correnti - Hapag-Lloyd (America), Inc

Jimmy Hamilton - Fort Worth Commodity Warehouse

Jim Lambert - FCStone Merchant Services, LLC

Jobe Moss - MCM Cotton Div of Moss Capital

John Gately - China Shipping (N.A.) Agency

Johnny Earp - Wells Fargo Bank

Keith Jones - Duncan & Sons

Kim Hanna - TransGlobal Inspections

Les Lewis - Mallor Alexander Int'l Logistics

Lesca Durham - D&J Gin, Inc

Leslie Hurt- Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp.

Mike McBain - Central Compress & Warehouse

Moody Compress & Warehouse Compny-Bragg Smith

Pat Robertson - C.H. Robinson

Paul Wilson - United Cotton Growers

Peter Barnard - TransGlobal Inspection Services

Phillip Kidd - Edcot Gin

Rita Trammel - Three R Freight, Inc.

Rob Smith - FCStone Merchant Services, LLC

Ron Harkey - Farmers Coop Compress

Sam Hansard - Telmark Inc.

Scott Hilburn - Barwise Gin

Ted Rekerdres - Rekerdres & Sons Insurance

Todd Straley - Hart Producers Coop Gin

Wendell Tucker - Panhandle Compress