Established 1947


You'd be surprised how much knowledge and power is packed into this single boll.



1616 Texas Ave, STE. 208, Lubbock TX 79401 USA

Texas International Cotton School

Presented by the Lubbock Cotton Exchange &

The Fiber & Biopolymer Research Institute of Texas Tech


Texas International Cotton School

Domestic and international participants in the cotton and textile industry across the globe can now start planning for the 40th session of the Texas International Cotton School, which will be held at Texas Tech University and the FBRI. 


The school provides hands-on instruction in cotton breeding, production, harvesting, ginning, classing, testing, processing, transporting, marketing, exporting and logistics.


Attendees are offered an integrated, vertical understanding of the U.S. cotton industry, with a Texas focus, and its interactions with the ever-changing cotton/textile sector.


More than 500 individuals, including merchants, textile workers, producers, government employees, and graduate students, from 54 countries have attended the Texas International Cotton School.  Make plans to join top cotton, commodity, and textile experts for this two-week intensive course.

Now enrolling for the 40th Session

August 2-12, 2021

For more information and to register, visit 

The Texas International Cotton School is currently taking registrations. We will be abiding by social and state mandates.  In order to do this, registration will be limit to 10 students.  Students will be reserved a spot based on a first come, first serve basis of full tuition payment.